The use of synthetic implants is a safe and effective means of augmenting various regions of the face and achieving a more youthful or attractive appearance. Dr. Alsarraf prefers the use of Silastic implants for such augmentation because they have proven to provide a natural appearing result and are well-tolerated in most patients.

A chin implant may help balance facial symmetry at the time of the rhinoplasty procedure, while a cheek (or malar) implant may increase the projection of the cheekbones and rejuvenate the midface region.

Despite their safe and effective use, Dr. Alsarraf cautions that the use of facial implants is not to be taken likely, and often is able to improve or enhance the patient’s profile and appearance with standard techniques such as the facelift or rhinoplasty procedure alone.

Dr. Alsarraf has himself published a technical review of one method of cheek augmentation, entitled “Malar Augmentation with Self-Drilling Single Screw Fixation,” in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. This article, along with Dr. Alsarraf’s other publications, is available for your review at The Newbury Center.

Placement of a chin or cheek implant takes about an hour and is generally performed in an out-patient hospital setting.