The Director of The Newbury Center, Dr. Ramsey Alsarraf, MD, MPH, PC, is a graduate of Harvard University and the Yale University School of Medicine. He is a fellowship trained member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School, and a facial plastic surgeon at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary.

Dr. Alsarraf has earned double board certification, with subspecialty training in cosmetic facial plastic surgery. In addition to his recently published textbook, “The Aging Face: A Systematic Approach,” Dr. Alsarraf has published over 30 articles and book chapters on the nuances of facial plastic surgery and is truly a leader in his field. Dr. Alsarraf is also the only New England surgeon invited to contribute to the masters of the facelift book “Dissecting the Facelift”.

Consultations with Dr. Alsarraf take place at his Newbury Street office, as well as non-invasive treatments such as Botox or Restylane injections, and all preoperative or postoperative surgical care. Most surgical procedures are performed in the out-patient hospital setting at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary or a private out-patient ambulatory surgery center.

Every patient's face is unique, and each surgery is tailored to meet each patient's individual needs.