The browlift attempts to restore the youthful position of the eyebrow, as well as to reduce the deep wrinkles of the forehead and the frown area above the nose and between the eyes (the glabella). Although the endoscopic browlift is appropriate in some patients, many patients do best with the open browlift procedure, which uses an incision hidden well up on top of the head, gives a longer lasting result, and has stood the test of time. In any case, the incisions for the browlift are well hidden behind the hairline in most patients. No one wants to have an over-done lift that makes them looked surprised or startled, and Dr. Alsarraf is an expert at achieving a natural rejuvenation that never appears over-done or operated-upon.

The browlift procedure takes approximately 1 hour and is performed in an out-patient hospital setting or private ambulatory surgery center. A small bandage is worn just overnight for one night, no ice is required, and there is minimal discomfort or bruising. Like the blepharoplasty, the browlift is often performed in conjunction with the facelift, so that a balanced rejuvenation of the overall facial aesthetic is produced.