Botox has been used for years and years to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles of the forehead, the frown area (or “eleven”) between the eyes, and around the crow’s feet by freezing the small facial muscles that create these lines and creases. It is a safe, effective, and inexpensive method of treating these wrinkles, however, the effects are temporary, lasting four to six months in most patients. The browlift is the definitive treatment for the aging lines and wrinkles of the brow and forehead but, for patients not ready for surgical intervention, Botox is an excellent choice.

Dr. Alsarraf has been featured on several local and national television features, discussing the use of Botox for facial rejuvenation, including the CBS News Magazine Program “48 Hours.” He is also the only doctor to ever be named “Boston’s Best Botox” by Boston Magazine.

The injection of Botox takes only a few minutes and is performed in the office setting.