Various filler substances may be injected into the lips, deep creases, or folds of the face to create a fuller or more youthful appearance. Many times the use of these fillers can soften the “parenthesis” lines at the sides of the mouth (the melo-labial folds), and replace some of the volume that is lost in the normal aging process. Dr. Alsarraf prefers the use of the newer FDA-approved substances such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Perlane, rather than either the older, bovine collagen, or the more permanent injectables such as Radiesse or silicone.

With fillers such as Restylane, no skin testing is required, the results are immediate, and the cost is minimal. The injectable fillers last more than six months in most patients, but many patients enjoy the results for over a year, depending on how much product is used.

Recent studies have shown that the use of these products may actually stimulate your body to build up its own collagen, necessitating fewer and fewer injections at far greater intervals as time goes by.

Other options for melo-labial fold or facial augmentation include the use of a synthetic implant, if a more permanent result is desired.

Restylane injections take only a few minutes to perform in the office setting.