Give ‘em a Hand; Freckles and sunspots pull a disappearing act

The buzz on aging skin is getting louder – and, for once, it is not about the face. Fashion rags from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue have declared that the hands are the new hot spots for telltale signs of age. And faster than you can say hocus-pocus, local skin experts are responding with a product called exactly that.

Dr. Ramsey Alsarraf, director of the Newbury Center for Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery, has released Hocus-Pocus, a prescription strength product for hands and body that decreases melanin production in sunspots and freckles. “Most patients notice the improvement immediately,” he says, “but the overall result is seen in about 6 to 12 weeks.”
– Alexandra

Hocus Pocus is available at The Newbury Center, 69 Newbury Street, Boston, 617-375-0500