The Newbury Center for Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery


Some plastic surgery procedures are now nearly as simple and painless as your regular manicure/pedicure. Dr. Ramsey Alsarraf, cosmetic surgeon at the Newbury Center, performs mini-blepharoplasty, or mini eyelifts, a procedure that minimizes under-eye bags and dark circles without visible incisions. A small opening is made inside the eyelid, and the excess fat — which causes under-eye bags and circles — is removed and the skin smoothed. The natural-looking results lasts indefinitely. The procedure is said to be virtually painless, and the average patient experiences minimal swelling or bruising, which can be concealed with makeup in the following days. Alsarraf says that even people as young as 30 are requesting the procedure to combat hereditary fatty pockets. $4,000.

69 Newbury St., Boston (617-375-0500)