Botox is a wonderful, safe and effective temporary solution for the fine lines and wrinkles that develop in the frown area, between the eyes and forehead and crow’s feet. A series of Botox injections may smooth an area of the face for three to six months, and is the ideal treatment for patients in their 30’s and 40’s who are not yet ready for the more definitive surgical rejuvenation procedures. Unfortunately, what Botox will not do is correct the effects of gravity in the lower face and neck as patients continue to age into their 50’s and 60’s. As a facial plastic surgeon, I see many women who mistakenly spend far too much money and effort with non-invasive office treatments, such as Botox, during these later years. In reality undergoing an eye-lift, brow-lift, or face-lift procedure at a somewhat earlier age can result in a more natural and subtle improvement that may last decades, rather than simply for a few month.
– Ramsey Alsarraf, MD, MPH, PC

[Director, The Newbury Center Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery, Boston]