Tangible Results

At The Newbury Center for Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgey (69 Newbury St, 617 375-0500, www.thenewburycenter.com ), Dr Ramsey Alsarraf focuses on your body exclusively from the neck up: eye lifts, brow lifts, facelifts — procedures that rejuvenate the face — as well as less invasive office procedures such as chemical peels and Botox of Cymetra injections. If Alsarraf’s name sounds familiar, it’s because his Botox parties have been well publicized on 48 Hours and other media. But Alsarraf is also known as one of the few doctors in the region who performs the innovative deep-plane face lift. “Instead of just elevating the skin and pulling, which can give an over-stretched or windblown look, in the deep-plane technique you elevate the muscle and fat of the face so most of the work is done underneath the skin,” Alsarraf says. As he writes in his recently published textbook, The Aging Face, results are more natural and longer-lasting than with other traditional techniques. Most patients get by with a day of pain medicine and a few days of Tylenol® — and are back at their favorite restaurant within a couple weeks.